Get To Know: Dash & Albert

As you may have seen on our Instagram or Facebook profiles, we’ve recently started carrying a line of rugs from a company called Dash & Albert. It’s always fun to learn about new brands (at least we think so), so if you’ve never heard of them, keep reading as we introduce you to this awesome company and what they have to offer!



Dash & Albert is owned by the same company that owns Pinecone Hill (one of our go-to bedding companies). Their core belief is that the items in your home should never be too precious that they can’t handle everyday use, so only the finest materials are used when making their products. Most importantly, they are made to endure regular washing. I mean let’s face it- how many of us can have a rug that is not dirtied up every once in a while. Washability is key!

We only have their rugs in stock right now, but Dash & Albert carries other products, such as…

Rug Ottomans:

rugot[image via Houzz]


Outdoor Furniture:






Pillows & Throws:




tote1 tote2

And of course, RUGS!

They have a great selection of rugs in all different styles, and a majority of the patterns come in at least one other color. Their sizes range from 1.5’x2′ – 12’x’16’ which makes them a great fit for any type of space! These are just a few examples of the patterns that are available:rug1 rug2 Untitled-1


Check out their website to see the other styles available:

If you see a certain pattern that you like, we’d love for you to come see us at the shop! We have samples of different styles that you can look at, as well as a variety of their rugs in stock for sale. Here are a few that you can take home with you today through Isabella:

Fair Isle French Blue/Ivory Cotton Woven Rug – 2’x3′

Hudson Blue Indoor/Outdoor Rug – 2’x3′


Massena Indigo Hand Knotted Rug – 3’x5′


Leopard Wool Micro Hooked Rug – 2’x3′



Marco Juniper Jute Soumak Woven Rug – 3’x5′

marco [images from Dash & Albert]

If you’re interested in seeing more of what Dash & Albert has to offer, or to purchase one of your very own, stop into the shop! Or email for more information. Happy browsing!


#Trending in 2015
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When it comes to trends, we certainly don’t believe you have to follow ‘what’s trendy’  when you’re decorating your home. Nonetheless, trends will always be around, and we’ve gathered a few themes that we may see become more prominent this year!

1) Graphic, Cement Tiles


If you’re bold enough to try out these little beauties, the result will end in a seriously awesome space. As tile is usually used in kitchens and bathrooms, it can provide an unexpected pop of color and pattern in other parts of the house. For instance, use them in an entry,


on a small stair case: ctb2

in the kitchen for a backsplash.. back


or a floor: ctb4

in the bathroom: ctb5

or wherever else your heart desires! The possibilities are near endless. graphic


2) Moody Wall Colors

It’s easy to stick with generally bright, neutral colors for main spaces because it’s a safe option, but don’t be afraid to incorporate a moody hue into a room every once in a while. Darker paint colors can give a room a sense of drama and can completely change the feel of a space. These are a few of our favorite ‘moody hues’:







3) Bold Mix of Pattern & Color

Experiment with color and pattern. We’ll be the first to agree that a light and airy room is beautiful, but including a few pops of bright color and some funky patterns in either a pillow, a rug or even upholstery can give a room added personality. Mix colors and patterns together for an even more visually appealing space!







What design trends would you like to see pop up this year? Let us know!



[images via Pinterest] 



Valentine’s Day Gift List
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Move over chocolate and jewelry (although we love you both); it’s time to treat a loved one or a friend…or yourself… to a more personalized gift this Valentine’s day. Check out some of our gift picks for this holiday of love:

1) Tinties by Royal Apothic

These lip butters are from the same company who makes our favorite hand creams, so we were very excited to try them. They come in the cutest packaging and are made with Argan Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, and Shea butter for extra lip nourishment. We have them in four different shades: Coral, Berry, Nude and Pink, and at $14 a piece they are the perfect small token of love to give to a friend.



2) Nest After Midnight Candles

All of Nest Fragrance’s candles are amazing, but their After Midnight collection sometimes gets overlooked. A shame, because the candles in this collection smell SO GOOD. We have the One O’ Clock candle, which has notes of wild orchid, jasmine and frangipani flower layered over a sultry blend of exotic woods, black pepper and vetiver, and the Three O’ Clock candle, which has essences of mysore sandalwood that’s entwined with subtle nuances of smoldering embers, black amber and frankincense. Basically the scents are the perfect balance of smoky and spiciness with subtle hints of floral notes, and at $34 per candle they are a great gift to give to a loved one.



3) Frames

Put a special photo into a beautiful frame and you’ve got yourself a quick and easy Valentine’s gift that anyone is sure to love. We have a wide selection of frames to choose from, including these:




4) Pajamas

These may be ‘treat yo’self’ Valentine’s gifts, as buying pajamas for other people can sometimes be a challenge. These are two of our favorite picks for this particular holiday:


The gown on the left is covered in little hearts, and the PJ set on the right includes a baseball style night shirt with matching pants. Both are made from Pima Cotton and are extremely comfortable!


5) Gift Cards

When all else fails, give a gift card!



We hope you have a great Valentine’s Day!