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We have been all about tassels lately and we’re not ashamed! This trend has been popping up everywhere, from home decor to fashion. Tassels come in a variety of sizes and colors, and create a fun visual and textural element to any item. Take a look at some of our tasseled faves!


As opposed to the more vibrant colors you see in Summer, the muted tones in these tassels are perfect for Fall.

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But of course, it’s always acceptable to have a fun pop of color anytime of the year 😉

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We love the added texture that tassels bring to a piece of furniture, whether folded on your bed or draped over a sofa or chair.

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Tasseled jewelry adds visual appeal to any outfit (Top left and bottom right image are from MAJ!)


Obsessed with these tasseled shoes!


And these crossbodies by Rebecca Minkoff are to die for! Great for your Fall wardrobe.



What trends are you loving lately? Let us know in the comments!

Get to Know: Walter G
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We have a new textile brand in the shop that you’re going to love…and it goes by the name of Walter G. Let’s learn a bit about them!



This Australian-owned and Sydney-based brand was founded by two best friends, Lauren Emerson and Genevieve Hewson.


Lauren and Genevieve spent two years traveling extensively together to places such as India, South America and Vietnam, learning as much as they could about the textiles and techniques of these regions while they were there. They even spent 6 months living in India living in remote villages, immersing themselves in the arts of indigo and block printing. How cool is that?!

They made their debut at Life Instyle in Sydney in 2012, and the rest is history.


The owners describe their brand as “lived-in, imperfect, timeless, relaxed, and artisanal”. They design all of their patterns and develop them right alongside a team of Indian artisans, and all of their textiles are completely hand-blocked, which is so awesome.

They offer fabrics, pillows, and table linens. Take a look at some of the different patterns available!



Fabrics: they offer their different fabrics in canvas, cotton and linen.


Table linens: (absolutely adorable and perfect for a beach house!)tl


Their fabrics are very versatile and can be easily mixed in with different styles to create a stylish, casual look, and this is just a glimpse of the patterns they offer!

There’s some pretty great info on their website regarding the indigo and block printing processes that are used to create their products. Definitely worth checking out!

We’re so happy to have Walter G’s beautiful textiles in the shop, and we hope you’ll stop by to see them!


Custom Art by Zoe Bios
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Do you have a wall in your home that’s been bare for too long? One easy way to spruce up a room without changing everything in it is to add a great piece of art, and California-based design house Zoe Bios Creative is one company that has just that. If you’ve never heard of them, check out our ZBC ‘Get to Know’ post here to learn a bit about the company and see some examples of their beautiful work!


One of the best things about Zoe Bios is how customizable their pieces are. It’s so nice to have quality art that’s custom sized and framed to fit a particular space in your home without the price tag of a commissioned piece. ZBC really streamlines the custom process to make it easy for you to have just what you want in your home. We have lots of print and framing samples in the shop to help you through the customization process!

Here are some key points about how it works:

Any piece can be made in a specific size (listed below) OR be made into custom sizes:

–          8.5” x 11”

–          11” x 14”

–          14” x 14”

–          16” x 20”

–          16” x 16”

–          20” x 24”

–          20” x 20”

–          24” x 32”

–          24” x 24”

–          30” x 45”

–          30” x 30”

–          36” x 54”

–          36” x 36”

–          40” x 60”

–          40” x 40”

–          48” x 72”

–          48” x 48”

Here are a few of the cards that you’d use to choose your print and match with a frame option:


Any piece can come in:

-Framed (choose from any frame available)


-4” Deep Acrylic Box 

-Gallery Wrap 

Here are two examples of framed and unframed pieces of art:


And these pieces are framed in the 4” Deep Acrylic Box and are all 24” x 32”:


The available framing options to choose from:


*Prices are determined on size of the art and whether or not the piece is framed or unframed.


We have a few ZBC pieces in the shop that you can take home with you, or just use as examples of the possibilities of framing/art combinations!

We love this teal & gold leaf combo with wooden frame:

img_7086 img_7087


If you’re in the market for new art for your home, we definitely recommend looking into this beautiful, customizable brand!

Mountain House Ready
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The first day of Fall is finally here! We can’t wait for the leaves to start changing, the crisp nights ahead, an abundance of cozy throws, and of course, everything pumpkin. The change of seasons has got us thinking of where we’d most like to spend the cozy Fall days to come, and we couldn’t think of anywhere better than a mountain house. If you’re fortunate enough to have a space in the mountains that you can to retreat to, we’re here to get your mountain house ready for Fall! These schemes and products can obviously be used in your own home to freshen up for the season, too! Let’s take a look.


We love these two schemes that we came up with for a relaxed, yet chic, space. The muted hues and neutrals create an aesthetic that’s fun, but still very comfortable and easy to live in.


Since cooler weather is upon us, it’s definitely time to stock up on comfy throws! We can’t think of a better throw for cool weather than our go-to faux fur throw. They’re luxurious in the way they look & feel! We’re also loving these cable knit throws in our favorite muted hues, too.


To us, Coral & Tusk just screams mountain house! These sweet embroidered pillows on a soft linen are perfect your spot in both the mountains and in your own home to refresh for Fall. The feathers lumbar is a favorite, and how cute is this bison portrait pillow?! We’re also crushing on this Dash & Albert woven wool rug with tassels that’s the perfect way to tie together your space. We have a 3×5 and 2.5×8 runner in stock in the store!


Fall hasn’t really begun for us until we’ve started burning the best candle around: Pumpkin Chai by Nest. It’s absolutely delicious!


This scene in the shop has so many components that would be great in a mountain house- the marbled tray, faux fur throw and mudcloth pillow/throw are great additions for your cozy space!



We hope you enjoy the first days of Fall, and that this gets you in the mood for the season ahead!

Sheets 101
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Sheets are one of those broad topics that consist of so many different factors, and we know it can be confusing! When looking for new sheets for your bed, you must take into account the different brands that are available, thread counts, type of cotton they’re made out of, color choices, what type of sheet they are, how to wash, etc. Making a decision based on all of these factors can be overwhelming, so we put together this quick guide to help you the next time you’re buying sheets to make the process a bit easier for you!



There are tons of different brands to choose from when you’re looking for sheets, but when you come into Isabella, you’ll notice that we only stock a few brands in the shop at all time. This is because of the above average quality and durability of their linens. Although there are lots of quality brands that we order from, our favorites are Matouk, Peacock Alley and NC Souther (Bagni Volpi Noemi).


These three brands are great options if you just want a basic sheet set for your bed, but they are also very customizable- especially NC Souther and Matouk. Both companies offer a wide variety of embroidery patterns and color options to best fit your personal preference and the style of your room.



In our opinion, you can never go wrong with a good set of white sheets! White is an excellent base color because it goes with anything, and from there you can add different embroidery patterns in a complimentary color to match the rest of your bedding.

Although we prefer white for our everyday bedding, we can definitely appreciate a fun set of colored sheets! We love John Robshaw for anything colored and patterned for the bed.



Sateen vs. Percale:

Here’s a great explanation from Peacock Alley on the differences between Percale and Sateen sheets:

“Percale sheets are plain in weave and characterized by a matte finish and crisp hand. Just like your favorite crisp white shirt, percale sheets are a bedroom must-have, especially during the hot summer months. Cotton percale linens are light and invigorating yet incredibly soft. Percale fabric is lighter in weight and more breathable making it perfect for summertime or warmer climates.

Sateen fabric is woven to create a silky smooth surface with a luminous sheen and is known for its luster and drape. Sateen is usually a little thicker and more tightly woven. It has a soft, inviting touch, perfect to to snuggle into bed with during the cold winter months.”

Our go-to is percale because we love how crisp it is, but if you’re looking for a smoother finish and a more elegant, luxurious feel, then go with sateen.

Our pick for a sateen sheet would be Peacock Alley’s Soprano sheet, and we love their Boutique line for a solid, affordable percale option.


Thread Count:

We’re here to put the myth of the ‘higher number thread count means a higher quality sheet’ to rest. This is just not true! There’s no need to go above 500-600 thread count. Companies will strip the yarns used in making the sheets to make the thread count appear higher, but you’ll notice that most high quality linen brands will not offer sheets with a thread count higher than this.


Caring for Your Sheets:

Check out the tips below for laundering your sheets:

  • Wash them in cold water, on a gentle cycle
  • Dry in a warm dryer, not hot
  • Never use anything with added bleach or softeners; this breaks down the fibers in your sheets
  • To prevent wrinkles, dry the fitted sheet separately- this prevents the sheets from clumping together in a big ball

We recommend The Laundress detergents for laundering your sheets. We use the Whites Detergent for white sheets, and the Signature Detergent for everything else.



We hope this was helpful! If there’s anything else you’ve ever wondered regarding picking the perfect sheet, leave us a comment below!