Get to Know: Musee
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Can you believe Thanksgiving has already come and gone?! We definitely can’t. With Thanksgiving behind us, it’s now time to start planning for the rest of the year’s holiday festivities and getting serious about our gift lists. We have a new brand in the shop that’s a great addition to any relaxation lover’s list: Musee. 




Musee is company based out of Madison County, Mississippi that creates handmade, all natural bath balms.



While a lot of bath products contain artificial fragrances and ingredients that aren’t so friendly to your skin, Musee’s bath balms are made from all natural ingredients, aromas and oils. For example, one of their balms, Whiskey Lullaby, is made from Sesame oil, lemon and eucalyptus essential oils, pacific sea salt, rose hips, ginseng, & vitamin C. Soothing to your skin and to your senses- is there really anything better?

Another thing that’s cool about their balms is that some of them contain a little surprise inside, making them perfect for bath time for the kids! 


We love this excerpt from their site, explaining what Musee is really all about: “The muses from tales of long ago brought inspiration through the gift of song and lyric. Musee bath balms remind us to enjoy the simple pleasures in life that serenade the heart and comfort the soul – good books and long naps, fireflies and bonfires, handwritten letters and unexpected presents, a spring rain or the first snowflake of winter, owls on fences and wise people – and especially….hot baths and cool tunes.”


We hope you’ll stop by and check out what Musee products we have in the shop! They make great stocking stuffers or hostess gifts for the upcoming holidays 😉 



Get to Know: Walter G
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We have a new textile brand in the shop that you’re going to love…and it goes by the name of Walter G. Let’s learn a bit about them!



This Australian-owned and Sydney-based brand was founded by two best friends, Lauren Emerson and Genevieve Hewson.


Lauren and Genevieve spent two years traveling extensively together to places such as India, South America and Vietnam, learning as much as they could about the textiles and techniques of these regions while they were there. They even spent 6 months living in India living in remote villages, immersing themselves in the arts of indigo and block printing. How cool is that?!

They made their debut at Life Instyle in Sydney in 2012, and the rest is history.


The owners describe their brand as “lived-in, imperfect, timeless, relaxed, and artisanal”. They design all of their patterns and develop them right alongside a team of Indian artisans, and all of their textiles are completely hand-blocked, which is so awesome.

They offer fabrics, pillows, and table linens. Take a look at some of the different patterns available!



Fabrics: they offer their different fabrics in canvas, cotton and linen.


Table linens: (absolutely adorable and perfect for a beach house!)tl


Their fabrics are very versatile and can be easily mixed in with different styles to create a stylish, casual look, and this is just a glimpse of the patterns they offer!

There’s some pretty great info on their website regarding the indigo and block printing processes that are used to create their products. Definitely worth checking out!

We’re so happy to have Walter G’s beautiful textiles in the shop, and we hope you’ll stop by to see them!


Get to Know: Jana Bek Design
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We’ve got a new brand in the shop that we’re really excited to tell you about…



If you’ve visited the shop lately, you may have seen these beautiful brushstroke lamps ^ They’re by Jana Bek Design and we can’t get enough of them! Today we’ll be sharing a bit about the boss behind the brand, and you’ll get to see a peek of some of her other products as well. Keep on reading!


jblogo jb

Jana has degrees from both the University of Michigan & Parsons School of Design. She has an impressive resume, including jobs with big names like Macy’s, One Kings Lane, and Caitlin Wilson Design under her belt. All of these experiences helped in perfecting her eye for design, and she eventually ventured out to create her own company, Bek Design.



Jana has always had a love for color & pattern, and this is definitely visible in her line of products. We absolutely love her lamps:



But she also has a line of fabrics, home decor & pillows that all compliment each other:

fabrics pillows


The best part is, her products are produced in the US! We have no doubt that her brand will keep growing, and can’t wait to see what beautiful products come next! Stay posted on our Jana Bek inventory by following us on Instagram. Happy Thursday!


Get to Know: Kerry Cassill Bedding
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We have another new brand in the shop! If you’ve never heard of Kerry Cassill before…keep on reading, you’re in for a treat!


With inspiration gathered from world travels, Kerry Cassill has created a brand that’s beautifully colorful and eclectic. Her designs are largely inspired by Indian hand-blocked prints, and from this she has developed her own unique signature style. Let’s take a look at some of her fun quilts, duvet covers & sheets:

165_KCHome_150703 141_KCIndianSummer15_150302 123_KCHolidayHome_150522 120_KCSummer1_2_150107 085_Spring1_2_2015_140812 080_KCHolidayHome_150522 076_KCIndianSummer15_150302

Here’s a look at KC bedding on one of our beds in the shop:

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 4.06.06 PM


There are SO many different patterns and colors to choose from- the combinations are endless! Stop by the shop and let us show you more of what this fun brand has to offer and help you personalize your own Kerry Cassill bed 🙂


Get to Know: Hawkins New York
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This week we’re excited to introduce a new brand that we’ve recently started carrying called Hawkins New York. Let’s find out more about them:


Hawkins NY is a curated lifestyle brand based out of, you guessed it, New York. They design their own products, but also work with other designers to help them get their work out to the market. This is important because a lot of designers may be unable to find the most suited manufacturers for their products otherwise.

The Hawkins NY team is experienced in dealing with producers all over the world, so they know which products should be made where and with which manufacturers they should be made by. This takes that long and potentially difficult process of choosing a manufacturer out of the equation and allows the designers to focus just on creating innovative designs.


They carry a wide variety of products, from glass/dinnerware:



to lighting



to quilts/throws



to really cool candlestickscandle


to rugs (we carry these ‘Shapes Rugs’ in all colors in the shop!)



to linen tea towels (we carry these in the shop, as well!)


and lots more! Come check out the Hawkins New York products that we have in the shop, and you can see everything else they carry on their website. Have a happy Thursday!