Fall Faves 2017

Fall is here & we’ve officially entered the best season of the year! Although it doesn’t quite feel like fall yet here in Charlotte, we are ready for the season in all other senses. We’ve had the pumpkin chai candles busted out for a couple of weeks now, and the different tones of the season have found their way into the shop. Oh yes, the shop! Did we mention that we’ve moved?! More on that later 😉 

We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite products to help you get in the seasonal spirit. Take a look!


  1. We’re really feeling this color combo of jewel toned blues, muted reds, and gold for Fall. Susan Connor’s pillows are the perfect addition to your seasonal decor, and can be transitioned throughout any time of the year!
  2. These scarves from Pom Pom at Home are a must have for this season. They’re super cozy & cute! We have a few different styles in stock in the shop now!
  3. Another seasonal fave from Pom Pom: this amazingly fluffy throw
  4. I mean, how can you not have Nest Pumpkin Chai candle on a list of Fall Faves?! The obsession never dies.
  5. Love these cute clutches from Stephanie Johnson in darker tones for the season!


What are some items you can’t live without during the Fall? Let us know!

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