Loving Lately: Repurposed Furniture as Vanities

Repurposed furniture, such as credenzas, dressers, desks, etc, are great pieces to incorporate into your bathroom that add to the personality of the room. One of our favorite ways to see these pieces incorporated is by transforming them into vanities! The versatility and customization that using furniture, instead of traditional vanities, brings to the table make this process a desirable choice for homeowners. When selecting a piece of furniture that you’d like to use for a vanity, however, there are a few things that need to be kept in mind. Let’s take a look!

1) Consider the height of the piece

Standard vanity height is anywhere between 30″-36″, depending on the height of the user. If you find a piece that you love, stand in front of it to see if the height is comfortable for you, or if any adjustments would need to be made. 


One way to get away with a slightly shorter piece is by removing the legs and having it mounted on the wall, as seen below:


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2) Choose your sink type accordingly:

A vessel sink will sit on top of your vanity, giving it extra dimension:



While an undermount sink will provide the maximum amount counter space for your vanity:

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3) Consider your countertop material:

Countertop materials such as quartz, granite or marble are great options for mounting on top of your furniture vanity, as they’ll be the most durable long-term:


If your piece has a top that is in good condition, and you don’t mind the extra bit of maintenance, leaving the original wood top can be beautiful. If you do go this route, however, make sure that your wood is properly sealed/protected.

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If you have a piece of furniture in mind that you’d like to repurpose as a vanity, it’s always a good idea to talk with your plumber to find out the best way to maximize your storage during the transition. What do you think about repurposing furniture as vanities? We’d love to know!

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