Pops of Color in Neutral Rooms

Neutral rooms often times get a bad rep for being ‘boring’ and ‘lacking of personality’, but with the right amount of added color, a neutral room is anything but! Adding pops of color to a neutral room can bring it to life. By sparingly using colors with neutral furniture and paint selections, you can create a space that is both warm & inviting. Neutral colors in your major selections, such as wall color and large pieces of furniture, are a great base to creating a personable space all year around. Take a look below for a few amazing examples of neutral spaces with pops of color, and easy ways to achieve this look!

Adding Color Through Art, Pillows & Accessories:

With your key neutral pieces in place, it makes it easy for customization throughout the year- it’s much easier to switch a colorful vase or pillow out for a different one than it is to reupholster your sofa! Artwork is especially great to get color inspiration from- picking out hints of color in a piece of art that you plan to use in your room will make it much easier to create a color scheme to base your textiles and accessories off of. 

Emily-Henderson_Living-Room_Staged-To-Sell_Boho_Mid-Century_Eclectic_Blue_White_Styled_Couch_Sectional_Staged5 Bright,+eclectic+living+room+with+black+windows+in+Benjamin+Moore's+Black+Iron,+and+a+white+couch+with+mixed+pillows

You always want to match your accessories to your artwork and not the other way around!

The shades of greens and blues in this otherwise neutral space gives the room so much more personality:

10-rooms-that-prove-neutral-doesn-t-mean-boring-rooms-that-prove-neutral-doesn-t-mean-boring-white-walls-and-leather-and-wood-accents-58878625695d610ff4ba0766-w1000_h1000 cp2 ISA-Contact-1


Adding Color Through Rugs:

Rugs are a great way to incorporate color throughout your space. As with art, this is a bigger ticket line item, so it’s best to find a rug that you love and match your accessories to it. 

amb Amber-Interiors-Rug-Bathroom-Domaine cp1 bed1


Adding Color Through Accent Furniture:

Adding accent furniture to your space, such as benches, stools, ottomans, etc., is another great approach to livening up a room!

picture-perfect-kitchens-to-start-your-week-592234d4b060580f59e636ef-w620_h800 readcereal Portfolio2


Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE color, but if your tastes lie on the more neutral side, and incorporating a ton of different patterns and hues makes you feel overwhelmed, adding small pops of color throughout your home is a great way to get the best of both worlds!

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